Hot Chilli from the beginning has recognised that each commercial client have different needs and requirements, that is why we offer customisable preventative maintenance programs for all sites regardless of size. This means that we can carry out quality work in the least disruptive manner and ensues the longevity and efficiency of systems. We understand that malfunctioning equipment can put strain on business’s that’s why we aim to implement strong procedures to reduce downtime and expenditures.


Hot Chilli offers a dedicated Client Managers and team to ensure fast response times and to ensure our high qaulity of work. 

Hot Chilli offers full condition assessment reports on all sites and equipment, to help identify next step processes and supporting the development of a sustainable plan. 

Hot Chilli offers full testing and compliancy reporting on a range of Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical items and equipment. 

Hot Chilli offers 24/7 support any time