Hot Chilli understands the importance of the health sector in every Australian community that is why we ensure our best foot is put forward when dealing with our health clientele.

We offer a range of technical capabilities to deliver planned maintenance programs of HVAC & Refrigeration systems as well as compliancy testing and services of electrical safety equipment including emergency lighting and Residual Current Devices (RCD), ensuring the highest level of operations, efficiency, safety and quality.


Hot Chilli offers a dedicated Client Manager and team to ensure fast response times and  to ensure our high quality of work. 

Hot Chilli offers full condition assessment reports on all sites and equipment, to help identify next step processes and supporting the development of a sustainable plan. 

Hot Chilli offers full testing and compliancy reporting on a range of Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical items and equipment. 

Hot Chilli understands that certain sites may require security clearance or other technical licences / passes, that is why we have full adaptability when working with sites.