Remote Location Services.

Hot Chilli has industry experience dealing with electrical and HVAC+R systems in remote facilities across Australia. We aim to provide fast response times and quick turn arounds for parts and equipment. With our unique quoting procedure, we can have critical and non-critical items sourced within minutes from acceptance.

Hot Chilli understands the impacts of down time on remote sites in the energy sector, that is why we offer fast response times and quick turnaround for parts and equipment. We work with our clients to determine the fastest supply route for equipment in addition our unique quoting procedures allow us to order and source items within minutes of acceptance.


Dedicated Client Manager.

Hot Chilli offers a dedicated team to ensure fast response times, quick turn arounds and quality control. 

Condition Assessment Reporting.

Hot Chilli offers full condition assessment reports on all sites & equipment to help identify the next step and create a sustainable plan. 

Compliancy Testing & Reporting.

Hot Chilli offers full testing and compliancy reporting on a range of items & equipment. 


Licences, Inductions & awareness.

We understand that safety is priority, regardless. We provide the capabilities and preparedness to have fully inducted and trained experts. 

IVMS Fitted Vehicles.

Hot Chilli provides utility vehicles for our experts to work out of with full in-field monitoring systems, ensuring safety and location tracking across the country. 

Industry Experience.

Hot Chilli has a combined 10 years experience in the sector.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Hot Chilli has the capacity and capability to provide services at any time, anywhere.