Safety & Environment


At Hot Chilli, we believe in putting safety and health of our people, clients and communities above all else. Safety is an integral part of everything we do.

We understand that people are the foundation of our business and that there is nothing more important than ensuring that everyone goes home safely, every single day.

Hot Chilli as introduced a multitude of policies, work method statements and procedures to help assist and assure all members of correct guidelines.

Hot Chilli as introduced a program in Safety through technologies. We have identified that technology is a key component in present day business and have used the advantages by equipping all staff with an electronic tablet, with a clear and navigable system to allow staff to have on hand access to SWMS, SDS, Job Starts, Safety Policies, Procedures, Incident forms, Hazard analysis and Pre-Starts as well as appropriate contacts for further clarifications.

We have a proud and open communication lines that allow us to identify potential hazards with our entire team promoting the idea that any one can talk to any one. 

Mental Health is also a core in our safety structure, we believe in supporting our entire team in facing personal challenges and believe in being a company that not only recognises but a company that supports in anyway possible.  







Hot Chilli is passionate about the environment in which we work and live in. That is why in 2020 we audited our waste products and use of consumables and introduced a system to significantly reduce our waste foot print. We have been able to achieve and comply with new policies and procedures by introducing remarkable technologies. Hot Chilli is proud to state that we have reduced our overall paper usage by 95% over the last two years with goal of using zero paper by the end of 2023.

Hot Chilli has also introduced the “Management of Environment” policy which aims to provide guidance to all aspects within our business to minimise the chance, risk and harm to the environments we work and live in. Where possible and within ARC guidelines (where it’s safe to do so) we reclaim, recycle and re-use all refrigerants. We refurbish, recycle and re-use all electrical components where possible in accordance with Electrical Safety Office (QLD) guidelines.

As of now Hot Chilli proudly takes the appropriate steps to ensure the below are recycled and are not contributing to land fills.  


  • Rare Earth Metals
  • Metals (Copper)
  • Refrigerants
  • Electrical Components.
  • Cardboard Styrofoam
  • Cans & Bottles
  • Plastics

Hot Chilli is committed to all aspects of environmental control and sustainability and has fully adopted the Environmental Management and Monitoring Systems recommended by Safety Connect Australia and the Australian Refrigeration Council Limited (ARC).  All products we purchase are of the highest environmental standards with the view of providing our customers with equipment that is environmentally sustainable.